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BayGeo members who are seeking employment are encouraged to post their resume on this page. Resumes will be posted for 90 days, unless otherwise requested. To have your resume posted, e-mail the following information to the BayGeo webmaster:

  • Your complete, formatted resume in either an MS Word, text file or PDF format
  • A 25-50 word summary of the job you are seeking (this summary will be posted below, along with a link to your full resume)
  • Please make sure the subject line of your email reads "resume posting"

BayGeo Members Seeking Employment:

Anne Anderson November 16, 2015

I am a GIS Analyst /Technician with a strong technical graphics background. I create publication-quality maps from diverse data sources, including SDE, GPS/GNSS, CAD, Python scripts, and tabular data. I enjoy problem solving and new technologies, and would look forward to contributing to successful projects, large or small.


Clint Stevens - November 16, 2015

I am a GIS Technician looking for an entry to mid-level position where my skills will be utilized by editing network data and reviewing network attribution, in association with economic, and business practices. For the past month, I have been working at apple as a GIS tech and I want to work with navigation and network development. I am very interested in technology and want to work on vector, lidar data and explore new gis possibilities.


Michael Pichon - September 15, 2015

GIS Technician looking for an entry to mid-level position where my skills will be utilized by editing topological data and reviewing/repairing illogical attributes, both in association with cultural, economic, and business practices. For the past five months I have been working under contract with CACI International Inc., repairing geodatabases and creating QC reports to be delivered to the NGA.   My goal, both locally and globally, is to map the human experience toward a sustainable future. 


Erik Schlenker - September 4, 2015

I hold a GIS Certificate from University of California- Riverside Extension and a Bachelor of Science in Geosciences from Penn State University. I am looking for a first job in GIS that clarifies business, engineering or scientific work.


Charles Clancy - March 31, 2015

In July 2014 I retired from a long career with Chevron as a GIS/Remote Sensing and Geodesy/Geomatics Analyst in petroleum exploration and production. I have 20+ years of experience in creatively using GIS, remote sensing, CAD, and geodetic applications to assist colleagues and customers in creation and management of accurate geospatial data.
I am now interested in a part-time and/or temporary position where I can contribute my skills and knowledge to assist with geospatial data in other areas including utilities, transportation, environmental, or renewable/sustainable energy.

Zac Stanley - March 6, 2015

I am a GIS Manager and Analyst with 14 plus years of experience in a broad variety of fields. Non-profit, academic and private consulting. The bulk of my experience is related to water resources; from agricultural water use to water system master planning.

I'm currently seeking employment in the municipal sector or private sector digital mapping realm.


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