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The BayGeo Journal is a biannual publication that serves to highlight San Francisco Bay Area geospatial businesses, agencies, people, technology, applications, projects, and maps.


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SUMMER 2015 - Volume 8, Issue 1


In this issue:

  • New insight into California drought through open data
  • From Cholera to the Cloud: The Emergence of Big Data and What it Means for Mapping
  • Bay Area GeoWorkforce Survey results
  • Map Gallery
  • Where in the Bay Area?
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Submission deadlines for all articles, maps, graphics and advertisements:
  General deadlines: Spring Issue – March 1 | Fall Issue – October 1


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The BayGeo Journal Guiding Principles:

1. To highlight innovative Bay Area-centric geospatial projects and practitioners.
2. To serve the professional geospatial community of the greater San Francisco Bay Area.
3. To provide timely, informative and relevant content of a moderately-technical nature; and
4. To engage and entertain the readership with lively, well-written and well-edited content.

Article Submission Guidelines:

1. Articles must be about a Bay Area project, entity, person, or experience.
2. Technical articles should present a creative or innovative use of geospatial data or technology.

3. Articles that present a business problem must clearly identify the role and value derived from geospatial data/technology.
4. Articles should be between 500-2000 words.
5. While unsolicited articles are welcome, we encourage the submittal of an abstract of the article for editorial review before submitting a final draft.
6. Greyscale or color graphics are acceptable. Files can be submitted in the following formats: Native Adobe Application Files in PC format, High Resolution (recommended 300 dpi) .JPG, .TIF, .EPS, or .PDF. File color must be CMYK.
7. Neither Project award announcements, nor new product announcements will be accepted.
8. Jobs/promotional announcements will not be accepted.

Map Gallery Submission Guidelines:

1. Maps must be authored by a Bay Area resident, feature a Bay Area location or project.
2. Maps may be larger than 8.5x11 inches but will most likely be scaled down.  Outstanding maps may be published at approximately 11x17 inches.
Greyscale or color graphics are acceptable. File color must be CMYK.
Files can be submitted in the following formats: Native Adobe Application Files in PC format, High Resolution (recommended 300 dpi) .JPG, .TIF, .EPS, or .PDF
5. File size should be under 5 MB (
exceptions are possible on a case-by-case basis)

Suggested Journal or Map Story Topics:

-Technical innovation
(web mapping advancements, mapping with drones, dealing with big data, remote sensing innovations, etc.)

-Emerging disciplines/non-traditional uses of GIS
(location-based apps, GIS in retail, commercial navigation, map storytelling, etc.)

-Public sector GIS
(natural resource management, government, utilities, navigation, etc.)

-Open-source data and services to share
(free databases, REST services, free software, etc.)

-Programming and developer GIS
(uses of python for GIS, innovative server administration, etc.)

(any age/education/experience level, local participation in online courses, etc.)

-Human interest
(fun with maps, historical maps, lying with maps, maps in the arts, etc.)

-Student guest authors
(personal experience, conducting interviews, research, etc.)

-Job board success stories

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