About BayGeo Connections

BayGeo Connections is a program that puts Students and New Professionals in touch with Volunteer Professionals. Connections facilitates informational interviews, a method that is effective in sharing knowledge and developing professional networks. The program is open to all BayGeo members.

These pages include information on becoming a Volunteer Professional. Students and New Professionals will learn how to conduct the informational interview process using detailed guidelines and sample materials. Finally, there is the Directory of Volunteer Professionals.


The purpose of Connections is to enrich the local GIS community by sharing the experience of seasoned professionals with those new to the field.


The program provides opportunities for Volunteer Professionals to contribute to the profession by sharing their experience and to repay the help they received from more experienced professionals. Students and New Professionals benefit by obtaining invaluable, personalized insight into the profession, beginning to develop a network, and gaining confidence.

How Connections Works

Unlike a mentoring program, which establishes a formal, long-term relationship between mentor and protégé, Connections provides a framework for conducting informational interviews. Students and New Professionals select Volunteer Professionals whose experience interests them, obtain contact information, and arrange the time and place for the informational interviews. Using guidelines from this site, Students and New Professionals design the interviews to get the information they most need as they start new careers.

In Appreciation

BayGeo acknowledges those who make Connections work: the Students and New Professionals who are the future of GIS and the Volunteer Professionals who generously share their wealth of experience. We thank you both for your participation.

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