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About Us

BAAMA is a non-profit, professional organization that organizes bi-monthly educational forums, the annual California GIS Conference, and periodic technical tours on a broad range of geographic information systems (GIS) and automated mapping topics. BAAMA is also a chapter of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA).

BAAMA's bi-monthly meetings serve as a forum where people involved with GIS and related technologies can learn about the latest software and tools, industry news, local & national events and, most importantly, network with other GIS professionals. With almost 1,000 members who represent a wide range of public, private, educational and non-profit organizations that utilize GIS technology, you're bound to meet others with your same interests.

Vision and Mission Statements

BAAMA Vision: BAAMA is the vital organization of GIS professionals in the San Francisco Bay Region that promotes partnerships and teamwork with users of GIS technology to improve our environment and community.

BAAMA Mission: The mission of BAAMA is to be the primary forum of the San Francisco Bay Region geospatial community that provides education for professional development; networking opportunities; leadership, coordination, and representation - and has fun doing it.

Contact us: president@baama.org

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